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The Failory Podcast - 
June 8, 2020

Becoming a Startup and No Code Expert, with Bram Kanstein of No Code MVP

Bram Kanstein
Bram Kanstein
Founder of E-Ticket Transfer & No Code MVP

This episode is sponsored by Acadium, a tool that connects startups & entrepreneurs with marketing students for a 3-month internship. It costs $299/3 months, though they are offering a $50 discount for Failory users. Here's an article we've written about our experience using the tool.

Show Notes

  • Bram talks about his past project, “E-Ticket Transfer”.
  • The beginning of Startup Stash.
  • The three Elements; Time, Money and Motivation.
  • How No-Code MVP came to be.
  • Bram’s thoughts on the future for no-code.

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