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Draftss Review: My Experience Using it for 2 Months

Nicolás Cerdeira
December 29, 2021
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Vanta Logo Black

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with Vanta it can be super simple. Vanta automates the pricey, time-consuming process of prepping for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more. Attend a demo and lunch is on Vanta!

For the last months, I’ve been trying different unlimited design services and writing reviews about the best ones. One of the services I tried was Draftss.

Here’s my unbiased review on the service, their positive and negative points, and a conclusion on whether you should or not buy it.

What’s Draftss?

Draftss is an unlimited design and development service.

You pay every week, month, or quarter a fixed fee and you get access to a team of designers and developers that take care of your business’ design and code needs.

How can it be unlimited?

It’s unlimited because you can request all the tasks you want… but the Draftss team will work on them one by one, so you won’t get thousands of logos designed or websites built.

The time that the Draftss team takes to finish your request depends on the type of task and your specific requirements. Here’s a list of estimated delivery times for the most common requests:

Draftss Services

This must be expensive!

No, it’s not. That’s because the designers Draftss hire can work for you and other companies. So, instead of you paying for a full-time designer wage, you distribute the wage with other businesses.

If you’re already sure about getting Draftss, click here and use the coupon code HALF to get a 50% discount in your first month!


They have three plans:

  • Design: $89/week, $398/month, or $949/quarter. It’s only for design requests.
  • Design + Code: $169/week, $649/month, or $1849/quarter. It’s both for design and development requests. They code HTML, CSS, and JS, as well as build websites on WordPress and other website builders.
  • 2X Fast: $269/week, $999/month, or $2799/quarter. It’s the same as the “Design + Code” plan, but instead of them working on tasks one by one, they do it two by two.

I went with the “Design” plan paid per month, as I didn’t need any development work.

If you have any questions about their pricing and you are not sure which one would fit the best for you, feel free to contact me at nico@failory.com.


Vanta Logo Black

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with Vanta it can be super simple. Vanta automates the pricey, time-consuming process of prepping for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more. Attend a demo and lunch is on Vanta!


This is where I put more attention before getting an unlimited design service.

I’ve seen some of these services that, in order to make it with deadlines and keep their prices low, deliver low-quality unfinished work.

Draftss’ portfolio looks professional and has lots of examples of their work, which shows they have many years of experience.

Draftss recent work

There aren’t any examples of the websites they have coded or built, but I guess that if you contact them, they will send you some links.

All of the work they did for me was nice. You can check the infographic and illustrations I requested them on this and this blog posts.

Who’s Behind Draftss?

Amin Memon and Junaid Ansari, both from India, co-founded Draftss in 2018.

Both co-founders are really transparent on the work they do, sharing their updates on Indie Hackers and Amin’s Twitter.

Their team is 100% remote and is formed by designers specialized in different types of work (logos, UX, illustrations, etc), developers, and project managers, one of which will be assigned to dedicatedly communicate with you and understand your business requirements.

Positive Points

Here are some things I’ve liked from Draftss, when using it and when comparing it with other similar services:

  • Design tasks: They do all kinds of design tasks, including website & app design and illustrations. Many services only offer graphic design tasks, excluding these two types of requirements. Many others offer them but in more expensive plans. Draftss, instead, allow these tasks even on their cheapest plan.
  • Technologies accepted: They work with whatever design software you request them to, they can build your website coding or using various website builders and they can deliver your work in whatever format and file you ask them to.
  • Communication: They are open to all forms of communication. Most of the other services explicitly tell you how to submit tasks and provide feedback on them and it generally is through an internal dashboard or email. Draftss, instead, fits each business’ communication requirements so you can use Slack, Whatsapp, Skype, Notion (which I used), or whatever other tool you want.
  • Team: Something really unique from Draftss is that they assign you a specialized designer for each task you request. Suppose you request a logo, they’ll match you with one of their logo designers. Suppose you request a website UX, a UX designer will work on your task. Apart from this, they assign you a dedicated project manager which will be the one you’ll communicate with to request tasks and provide feedback on the delivered work.
  • Payments: They are one of the few services to offer weekly subscriptions, which is great if you need something super specific or if you want to test the service before purchasing a longer subscription.
If you’re already convinced to get Draftss, click here and use the code HALF for a 50% discount.

Negative Points

Let me go over some minor points where I think Draftss has room for improvement on:

  • Design quality: Few of the delivered design work was just okay in terms of quality and innovation. For example, I requested an image for an article I had written and they simply paste an icon they got from somewhere else into a background. I think these minor design quality issues can also be seen in Draftss’ website design and in their portfolio, where there are some examples that don’t fit important design rules.
  • Turnaround times: They sometimes took 1-3 days to deliver something that could have been done in a few hours. But they never failed to their deadlines. Note that all of the unlimited design services have long turnaround times so this isn’t something that you have to particularly be worried about Draftss.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

I think that if you run a business (eCommerce, SaaS, blog, whatever) and you’re constantly needing to get design and/or development tasks done, subscribing to Draftss could be a cheap and fabulous way of delegating that work.

Draftss has a low price so even if you have few customers and little monthly revenue, it can be a great fit. Other similar services if you’re on a budget could be Penji and Kimp.

If you have a larger budget, Draftss might not be the best choice. There are some other unlimited design services, like DesignJoy, which will deliver you better quality work and in faster turnarounds  (but paying a x3 more expensive subscription).

If you have any other questions about Draftss or you’re unsure which unlimited design service you should subscribe to, feel free to reach me out at nico@failory.com.

One last time, if you'll sign up to Draftss, make sure to click here and use the coupon code HALF to get a 50% discount in your first month.
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