New Zealand Startups

New Zealand Startups: Top 44 to Keep an Eye On in 2021

New Zealand has become a great startup ecosystem with a lot of available capital and support from the government. Here're the top 44 startups in the country.


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A lot of people know New Zealand for its successful rugby team, the ancient Maori culture, and the stunning landscapes that set the scene for The Lord of the Rings.

However, on these small islands, there is a magnificent startup culture that is varied in terms of industries, particularly in the tech sector. Go on reading to find about the top 44 New Zealand startups.

1) PredictHQ

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Campbell Brown, Mike Ballantyne, Robert Kern

PredictHQ helps companies by providing live event data that helps them build smarter projects and starters. Based in Auckland, this startup had a fantastic Series A funding round in November 2018 with a grand total of $10m and a Series B funding with $22m in February 2020. They have proven to be a startup to watch, with some big-name clients including Uber,, Accenture and Domino’s.


2) Nyriad

Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Cambridge, Waikato

Founders: Matthew Simmons 

With $20m+ invested in funding and a big team of 60+ working there, Nyriad is using cutting edge software technology to manage massive amounts of data. They allow the processing, management, and storage of Petabytes of astronomical data. They work with several cloud partners and participating supercomputers. 


3) Halter

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland 

Founders: Greg Piggott and Max Olson

Halter is helping farmers manage their herd of cows by creating GPS enabled, solar-powered collars. These smart collars use AI technology to keep an eye or their cattle from anywhere at all times. By using the Halter app, they can also set up invisible boundaries for the cattle. It has made the lives of New Zealand’s farmers a lot easier.


4) ArchiPro

Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Auckland 

Founders: Milot Zeqiri

ArchiPro is an online database that helps people working within the building sector and architecture sector stay connected. It provides homeowners with an easy to use the platform to join up with professionals to help design their home as well. They have gone through successful funding rounds and have become ones to watch in the architecture sector.


5) Cove

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Andy Coon, Brett Wilson, Chris Coon and Rob Coon

Cove is an insurance-tech company looking to disrupt and simplify the insurance sector in New Zealand. They are a very experienced and innovative team. In 2019, they managed to raise over $2m in funding activities, bringing their total investment to $5m. Their platform is a one-stop-shop for users to buy, claim, and manage insurance. 


6) Insite AI

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Shaveer Mirpuri and Jonathan Reid

The team at Insite AI has founded an intelligent platform that uses retailer and external data (competitors, customers, weather) to help retailers make more informed and rational decisions around their merchandising, going from stock allocation and pricing to the development of new products. Founded in 2018 and with funding already over $2m, this is one to watch out for in the years to come. 

Insite AI

7) Marsello

Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Brady Thomas, Brent Spicer, Matt Thomas

Since starting in 2014, the Marsello team has grown steadily and raised almost $5m in funding. They help small to medium-sized businesses with their marketing, through the use of data acquired by machine learning and AI. They are like a virtual marketing assistant for businesses all over New Zealand.

8) Learn Coach

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: David Cameron and Mark Cameron

As remote working becomes a lot more common, so does remote learning. LearnCoach is an online tutorial platform for secondary school. Having started in 2016, they were ahead of the curve when it comes to online learning. The site has over 150k students from all over New Zealand.

9) RedShield

Year Founded: 2008

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Andy Prow, Graeme Nielson and Sam Pickles

With 12+ years of experience and $18m+ in funding, RedShield is one of the most successful tech startups on the list. They have worked hard to become one of the best cybersecurity services in the world by taking on cybersecurity challenges that no one else will.

They have developed unique web application shielding technology, which allows businesses to respond to cyber threats rapidly, extend the life of legacy apps, defer patches and upgrades, and lower security costs - all while staying secure. They also wrap a 24/7 expert managed service around their software, making RedShield one of the most effective cybersecurity solutions on the market.

10) MarginFuel

Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Andrew Pascoe

MarginFuel provides rental vehicle operators with price optimization software. They use an AI-based platform to give up to date data on the current market price and demand trends. The SaaS company raised 800k+ in funding 2017 and continues to help rental vehicle operators today.

11) Farrago

Year Founded: 2008

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Asa Cox

Farrago uses AI technology to deliver data insights which are the result of predictive modeling and machine learning. The main use of this data is to make timely business decisions. They are a very fast-growing startup that has been in high demand since its founding in 2008. 

12) JRNY

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Benjamin Roe and Micheal Lovegrove 

JRNY helps insurance companies simplify the customer journey and distribute policies more efficiently. The end consumer has a far better customer experience, while insurers can improve conversion rates, sales efficiency, and radically increase their understanding into customer behaviour.


13) Little Yellow Bird

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Wellington

Founders: Samantha Rae Jones

Little Yellow Bird is a sustainable clothing brand. Their mission is to help companies ensure that their employees’ clothing is sustainable and is made ethically. Everything can be traced, all of the clothes are organic, and the people who make the clothes are also treated fairly. Hopefully, we can see even more clothing companies take on this same approach. 

14) Soul Machines

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Greg Cross and Mark Sugar

Soul Machines create smart and emotionally responsive avatars that change the way people interact with machines. Their avatars are highly technical robots that help users get assistance in changing modern life for the better by completely transforming how they interact with robots and machines. They look like one to watch out for in the future with +$40m in funding and AI technology becoming more influential.

Soul Machines


The Founder's Mindset Compressed

Unlock your potential as a founder. Discover the mental strategies that the best startup founders use to build successful products. In this video series, we’ll guide you to think like a top startup founder. Get free access to The Founder's Mindset →

15) Harmoney

Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Neil Roberts

Harmoney is a peer-to-peer lending platform that matches up retail and institutional investors with borrowers looking for short-term unsecured personal loans. Their platform is easy to use, and it assesses borrowers’ creditworthiness and gives them risk grades to determine their interest rate. In 2019 they received $15m+ in their Series C funding. They are definitely ones to watch in the fintech industry. 


16) ExtraOrder

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Greg Harrison and Richard Warburton

ExtraOrder helps bars and restaurants through their app. Customers can download it and then scan a QR code at a table. Once done they can make an order, add instructions and pay and split the ball, all while sitting at the table. This not only helps increase the customer’s convenience but also makes it easier and cheaper for bars and restaurants. 

17) Real Health New Zealand

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Waikato

Founders: Renee Norman and Jenna Smith

Real Health New Zealand aims to help women stay active from home. Started off by two friends, this startup is helping women all over New Zealand to keep fit with live online classes every week. Their main clients are women that are short on time. They have a range of different workouts from pilates to post-pregnancy specific exercises. For a small fee of $10, they can join the co-founders for 6 classes per week. Making it a bargain compared to other workout programs or gyms.

18) Kernel Wealth

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Dean Anderson

Index investing is huge in other countries, especially in the US. But not so much in New Zealand. The team at Kernel Wealth is looking to change that, giving New Zealanders more options and control over their investments while also rewarding them. They use modern technology to develop new investment products and a more diverse investing market.

Kernel Wealth

19) MoneyHub

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Chris Walsh

If you’re tired of financial jargon and want to get a better understanding of your money, then MoneyHub is for you. The team at MoneyHub provides in-depth guides that are easy to read and are unbiased. They have the unique selling point of being 100% free to use and 100% objective, no sponsors, or paid promotions. If you’re working or living in New Zealand, then MoneyHub should be your go-to resource for all of your financial questions. 


20) My Goodness

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Whangarei

Founders: Lindsay Wells and Duane Wells

My Goodness makes non-dairy ice cream which uses an exotic superfruit called Persimmon. This is a small family-run startup and their main ingredient is grown in their own local orchard. While there are plenty of other dairy alternatives such as soy or coconut, none can match the exotic flavors or the health benefits of the Persimmon.

My Goodness

21) SMetric Insights

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Warwick Russell and Hayden Russell 

SMetric Insights is helping medium-sized businesses in New Zealand and Australia. They help make sense of their data reports and to use that data more efficiently. Their software brings all of the data together in one handy place. Clients can choose what they want to see, how frequently it’s to be updated and tailor that data to improve their business. Since starting in 2016, they have grown steadily as they look to help even more companies across New Zealand and Australia. 

SMetric Insights

22) Tankful

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Mangawhai

Founders: Libby Evan and Toby Evans

Tankful began when Libby and Toby moved to the Kaipara region of New Zealand. They realized that they would have to use a tank to store their water supply. However, they found there was no effective way of measuring their water source, so they invented a solution: a smart level monitor. They are making water usage more sustainable and more secure for users of their technology.


23) AllGoods

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: ChristChurch

Founders: Nathan Taylor, Levi Fawcett, Bradley Meredith and Mark Song. 

AllGoods is an online marketplace for New Zealanders, quite similar to eBay. Their modern platform is innovative and easy to navigate. Since starting in 2017, it has become the go-to site for a lot of Kiwis looking to buy or sell


24) Dataphyll

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Whangarei and Auckland

Founders: Patrick Malley, Christoph Kistler and Kerrin Roberts

Dataphyll is making life easier for the fruit growers and orchard owners and workers. They provide a software tool that helps manage staff, lets workers choose different tasks, and gives real-time live data. They have grown a lot since 2015 and are making the horticultural industry a lot more accurate and efficient.


25) Safe Lines

Year Founded: 2020

HQ: Queenstown

Founders: James Burnes

Out of crisis comes opportunity. One such chance was spotted by James Burnes to help retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has swept across the world and caused a global shutdown of businesses, schools, and everything that was deemed non-essential.

James and his team created Safe Lines, a queue management software to help retailers stagger the number of customers in their shops at one time. This could also help speed up the queuing process post-COVID-19. But for the moment, James and his team are doing their best to prevent the spread of the virus. They're mainly based in the US and New Zealand with interest from other markets like the UK and France. 

26) Rent My Gear

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Brian Mead and Andrew Woods

With Rent My Gear, it does precisely what the name suggests. It’s a peer to peer rental service platform. It’s targeting especially at those in the Film/TV industry. Renters can make extra income from their gear and borrowers can get access to high-quality equipment for a lower price. 

Rent My Gear

27) Hnry

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Wellington

Founders: James Fuller, Claire Fuller and Richard Freestone

The team at Hnry is looking to revolutionize the sector of self-employment by transforming the tax and compliance industry. Hnry is an all-in-one solution for freelancers, self-employed individuals, contractors, or sole traders to manage their taxes and to relieve some of their burdens. Hnry shows their support for freelancers and contractors by running an annual competition with a $25k prize for the most creative. 


28) Gaspy

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Tauranga

Founders: Larry Green, Tim Turner, Ben Smith, Mike Newton

Gaspy is a simple but very effective app that helps New Zealanders find the lowest fuel prices near them. All of the prices are crowd-sourced, so they rely on a like-minded community to find the best deals and to share them on their app. By doing so, the Gaspy team is hoping to put pressure on ‘Big Oil’ to maintain competitive pricing across New Zealand.


29) CloudMyStaff

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Queenstown

Founders: Emma and Mark Black 

CloudMyStaff aims to help small to medium-sized businesses by providing them with a dynamic, user-friendly platform for all health and safety functions across their business. They do so by providing tools and support that are accessible to everyone within the organization. 

30) West Coast Rewards

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Westport

Founders: Rachelle Henham

West Coast Rewards startup is all about promoting businesses along the West Coast of the South Island. Their mission is to encourage people to go out & visit new places and buy local. Businesses can sign up to become members and receive benefits like free advertising and, of course, attract loyal customers that use the West Coast Rewards card.

West Coast Rewards

31) MyCarYourRental

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Auckland

Founders:Henrik Stovring

MyCarYourRental aims to disrupt the car rental industry in New Zealand. This is another peer-to-peer lending service that allows people to rent out other people’s cars. If your vehicle is going unused, you can rent it out to a family that wants a car for a weekend away. Not only does it reduce the number of unused vehicles but also decreases the need to import new vehicles every year.


32) Moberate Technologies

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Damian McDonald

Moberate Technologies provides an already completed marketing and prospecting system that you can monitor on your smartphone. This SaaS startup gives subscribers immediate access to online and offline technology, which is completely customized to help them sell and market their products or services.

Moberate Technologies

33) Advanced Safety

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Christchurch

Founders: Matt Jones 

Advanced Safety helps small, medium, and large businesses by providing workplace health and safety services and on-going support. During these times, there’s even more pressure on businesses to mitigate possible insurance claims and the team at Advance Safety is making sure that these businesses can reach the standards needed. 

Advanced Safety

34) BroadbandCompare

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Gavin Male

BroadbandCompare is the most in-depth website for New Zealanders to compare different broadband plans. The platform is straightforward to use and has an excellent user-experience for anyone looking to compare internet providers.


35) PetLife

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Kaikoura

Founders: Amy Scott-Thomas and Julian Thomas

PetLife is a free online magazine that’s distributed to pet shops all over New Zealand. Having spotted a market for the magazine, the couple started giving it to pet shops, vets, and also libraries. They then offered cheaper advertising space for pet-related businesses. A straightforward and smart idea. 


36) EditMate

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Scott Stratford and Rachel King

EditMate is a user-generated video app that lets brands crowdsource and upload content to their experienced team of editors. They then transform the footage into creative, engaging videos for social media. Since starting in 2015, the use of video has become even more relevant for content creators and businesses, which can only be good news for the team at EditMate. 


37) HolidaySwap

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Mel Buddhev

This is another great idea that aims to cut costs and give travelers and holiday-makers unique experiences. On the HolidaySwap site, you can advertise your home and you can look for places you would like to stay in; in exchange, they stay in your house. They have won plenty of awards, including “The Most Innovative Travel Accommodation App” in March 2019. They have expanded globally and they are now available in over 180 countries.


38) PTminder

Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Callum Cook and Rick Thomson

PTMinder is a cloud-based platform for personal trainers to manage their personal fitness training business and their daily operations. Since starting in 2011, personal fitness and technology have become even more critical, which has helped them become a very successful startup.

Fitness trainers that use their startup can easily manage invoices, reporting, credit card payments and create automated SMS reminders. They also have other features that are related solely to fitness like; workouts, nutrition, online stores, client assessments, and staff management for gyms. You can find their app on iOS and Android. 

39) IssueClothingCo

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Methven

Founders: Hannah Burnard and Robyn Pelvin

IssueClothingCo wants to make shopping for work clothes easier for professional women. They categorise themselves as a ‘capsule’ clothing company which means they focus on only essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion. They are expanding too, with offices in the US, Australia and two in New Zealand. 


40) Flossie

Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Rochelle Shaw

Flossie is helping hairdressers and beauty-related workers find more clients online. It is essentially an Uber but for hair and beauty services. Customers fill out requests, and their requests are then sent out to salons that match their criteria. Salons that want the client can then respond with times they’re available on the app. Flossie receives a small commission through bookings made through the app. A convenient app for those bad hair days. 

41) TransferCar

Year Founded: 2008

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Brian Karlson

TransferCar aims to help travelers and rental car companies. Oftentimes, rental cars are left stranded in random areas or need to be moved from one branch to another, which can be quite costly. TransferCar came up with a neat solution: why not let travelers that are going that direction anyway take the car for you? This creates a pretty perfect agreement in which both the rental company and travelers get what they want for free. Since starting in 2008, TransferCar has raised $1m+ and is now operating in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the US.

42) LawVu

Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Tauranga

Founders: Sam Kidd and Tim Boyne

This is one of the more well-funded startups on this list with over $4.8m+ raised. The main focus of LawVu is about the law. Their platform combines everything legal that a business needs in one place including matter management, contract management, and vendor management.


43) QuiverVision

Year Founded: 2013

HQ: Auckland

Founders: Adrian Clark and Julian Looser

QuiverVision brings coloring books to life through an augmented reality app. They often work with brands to create content that can be personalized, then turned into an immersive experience. However, the app is mainly focused on learning and creating a fun experience for everyone who engages with it.

44) Shuttlerock

Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Nelson

Founders: Jonathan Hendriksen

Another well-funded startup with over $9.8M raised to date. Shuttlerock main focus is creating high-performance mobile video ads using single assets as simple as a photo. They provide these services all over the world in over 30 languages and is one of Instagram and Facebook marketing partners.



So there you have it… 45 of New Zealand’s most promising startups for 2021.

A lot of these “Kiwi startups” are quite simple ideas that have been made possible with the latest technology and a lot of ingenuity. New Zealand has proven to be a great place for startups to grow, with available venture capital and plenty of support from their local communities and government.

If you think we’ve missed any or spot a mistake, send us an email to!

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