Skully failure


Augmented reality motorcycle helmets


Skully is a helmet trademark which targets motorcycle riders. News of the helmet generated considerable buzz as the company promised that their helmed would be the first Augmented Reality (AR) product of its industry offering unique technological features. The helmet comes with a rear facing camera and a heads-up display that can also be used to check contacts names and music streaming. The Skully helmet was to supposedly be the safest in the world since it offered a ‘360° experience’ with its 180° blindspot camera. Riders could also avail of the hands-free voice calling and texting feature during their commutes.


United States
In 2013
By 2016
Number of Founders
Name of Founders
Marcus Weller, Mitch Weller
Number of Employees
Between 11 And 50
Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount
Number of Investors
Precise Cause of Failure
Mismanagement of Funds
Business Outcome
Shut Down

Cause of Failure

According to Skully spokespeople they had to close shops due to limited fundings. They were reportedly not able to sum an additional round of funding to complete the production of the $2000 pre-ordered helmets that about 3000 people were looking forward to receiving. They filed for bankruptcy in 2016 but their product and assets were acquired in 2017 by what has been branded SKULLY Technologies, a new company that says to have no affiliation to the previous company (nor any obligations it might have to its clients) despite the fact that the two acquirers are the cousins of the previous Skully CEOs.

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