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Cloudian Late Stage Pitch Deck in 2018 | Failory

The original Cloudian late stage pitch deck that helped them raise $94M in 2018. Copy their strategies and craft a top pitch deck!


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Cloudian provides object storage for enterprise customers.
Big Data, Software, Analytics, Cloud
Business Model:
Late Stage
Amount Raised:
VC, Corporate

Cloudian Pitch Deck

Cloudian is an American tech company founded in 2011 by Michael Tso and Hiroshi Ohta, that deals with Amazon S3-compatible data storage. It produces pre-configured hardware setups as well as object storage and scale-out file services software. The technology allows companies to have their information stored on a combination of public and private clouds.

Furthermore, the data remains in the creators’ own server room. As the CEO Michael Tso explained for Insider, Cloudian’s pitch to clients is: "Where you don't want to put your data into the cloud, we bring the cloud to you."

The pitch deck we have here is what the company prepared for its Series E funding round in August 2018. At an earlier stage, the presentation would have prioritized showing the broader picture of the business's approach to the problem, and future development expected. Here, there is more emphasis on metrics – both about the market’s overall potential for growth and Cloudian being preferred among clients than the competition.

The benefit of late-stage funding rounds is that you have a lot more company history and financial and usage data to work with in order to prove your PMF and growth potential to investors.

The numbers approach worked well for the enterprise. They managed to raise $94M, mainly from Digital Alpha, and it brought the company’s total funding to $198.6M.

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