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The Failory Podcast - 
May 4, 2020

Growing a B2B Marketplace to $40M/year, with Terence Tam of Reflow Hub

Terence Tam
Terence Tam
Founder of Ross & Zane and Reflow Hub

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Show Notes

  • Terence shares a bit about his journey before Reflow Hub.
  • A minimal viable product in the food delivery space. 
  • Deciding to shut down Ross & Zane. 
  • Challenges and victories Reflow Hub faces. 
  • What would Terence say to his past self. 

Links & Resources

  • Reflow Hub - A managed marketplace that facilitates mobile device returns, buyback & trade-ins and insurance claims from their vendor partners across various international markets.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co. - One of the oldest leading global financial services firms.
  • Ross & Zane - A forever changing menu that does lunch deliveries Monday to Friday on a subscription basis.
  • Meredo - Providing upstream inventory management solutions to firms engaged in the supply or holding of consumer electronics.  
  • Terence’s Twitter
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