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The Failory Podcast - 
April 20, 2020

From 50k Users in 6 Weeks to Shutting Down, with Ryan Hickman

Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman
Founder of MeVee & Epic AI

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Show Notes

  • Ryan shares about his journey toward creating MeVee and why he considers it a failure
  • Ryan’s journey in gaining experience and expertise in being a live stream producer
  • The creation of MeVee
  • The moment things shifted and momentum grew for live video
  • Finding a way to automate MeVee to make it as profitable as possible before shutting down
  • Ryan shares the story on how Epic AI was born
  • Ryan gives some advice on how to properly frame your startup

Links & Resources


To make the story of MeVee even more interesting; lately, there has been a new demand to bring back the product! So it looks like Ryan will be bringing back MeVee after all! Stay tuned for a comeback!

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