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Uber Early Stage Pitch Deck in 2008 | Failory

The original Uber early stage pitch deck that helped them raise $200K in 2008. Copy their strategies and craft a top pitch deck!


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Uber allows you to request a ride from your phone at the touch of a button. The app uses GPS to locate both riders and drivers, and matches them in real time.
Ride Sharing, Transportation, Travel, Logistics
Business Model:
Early Stage
Amount Raised:
VC, Angel Investors, Corporate

Uber Pitch Deck

Uber is a USA transportation tech company that was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. It offers various services, including ride-hailing, couriers, package and food deliveries, freight transportation, and even electric bicycles and scooters. 

As we can see in their very first pitch deck, Uber's initial business plan involved luxury car services for “professionals in American cities". They started in San Francisco and New York and aimed to add more big cities like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. While their market wasn’t quite as luxurious and professional as they expected, it grew rapidly to include more than 900 major cities in 69 countries.

The deck presented was the one Uber used for their initial seed fundraising rounds. They made sure to go to the point and keep potential investors engaged the whole time. The pitch deck clearly states the issue Uber would tackle, how it plans to do it in the most practical way and with the most suitable technology available, and what market it would operate on. There is even a mention of best, realistic, and worst possible scenarios. 

Many startups today use Uber’s pitch deck as a template - and with a good reason. It successfully raised $200K seed capital back in 2009, which led to more funding rounds for a total of $12.3B by 2020. Additionally, Uber came to dominate its market with a revenue of $11.3B in 2020.

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