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Creating a Side Project:

8 Stages, 43 Strategies & 59 Tools

A practical guide on how to become a Viking and beat every problem you will face when building a side project.

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On July 15th a couple of friends met in an old cafe near their hometown. The week before they had shut down their latest side project, so the conversation revolved around the mistakes they had committed. Realizing that these errors were the same they had made in previous projects, they decided to build something to prevent anyone from repeating them again.

That's how Failory was born.

13 days after, and spending only $41, our new startup was topping Product Hunt and was positioned on Hacker News’ front page. This eBook has the objective of sharing this success story and recommending some strategies and tools to build your own side hustle.

What is Included?

Stage 1: Idea
You need to solve a problem, 3 real strategies to find problems.

Stage 2: Business Plan
What your business plan should include.

Stage 3: Design
A deep analysis and a guide to design the brand and website.

Stage 4: Development
Options to build the website and build in public movement.

Stage 5: Feedback
Tools and methods to collect feedback without even launching.

Stage 6: Launch
Strategies to launch the side project.

Stage 7: Growth
Marketing strategies you can use to grow your side project.

Stage 8: Monetize
Ways to start monetizing the project.

What are People Saying?

"Nice ebook "Creating a side project"! I'm now creating my new company. I really like your content and marketing strategy. 😀

Guillaume Chevalier
Guillaume Chevalier
Founder of Neuraxio

Thanks for sharing your PDF! It was a good read and straight to the point. I'm currently working on tools for designers/creatives so I found many of the points you listed really helpful.

Helen Vling
Helen Vling
Maker of HueSnap

Hey, I owe you a beer! I used your book as one of my resources when launching Stackswell. Let me know if there's a spot on your site I can donate some cash. Good luck with everything!

Joseph Mueller
Joseph Mueller
Maker of Stackswell